Avati virtuaalne Soome Arhitektuurikeskus


Launched in September 2009, is a virtual information
centre aimed at anyone interested in Finnish architecture. It also promotes
Finnish architecture as part of Finland¹s cultural export. Available in
English, it caters to international audiences, including public bodies as
well as interested individuals.

The portal brings together the various agents operating in Finnish
architecture, guiding visitors to their respective websites. Topical news
feature events of international interest such as current overseas projects
by Finnish architects. Visitors can search through practicing architects
offices, as well as architects of interest. You can also find out about
education, research and building protection issues and Finnish
policies. In addition, the website serves as an information channel for
individual events.

The virtual information centre is maintained by the Museum of Finnish
Architecture and the Alvar Aalto Museum, both independent architectural
organisations and it was launched in collaboration with the Finnish
Association of Architects, SAFA; The Association of Finnish Architects'

Offices (ATL); and the Building Information Foundation RTS.

Further information:

Hanna Galtat


tel. (358 9) 8567 5111

Museum of Finnish Architecture

Kasarmikatu 24, 00130 Helsinki

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